DandyLand Farms is a growing North
Iowa grain production partnership
who leases farm land to produce top
quality corn and soybeans.

We offer the greatest return to the
landowners assets.
We utilize the latest technology
and most efficient process of
producing grain in the USA.

We are a major element that feeds
the world.

Here is a local grain elevator's
2,000,000 bushel storage!
We offer a high return on the
Landowners investment in farmland
by accomplishing the greatest profit
potential for Landowner assets.

Their investment is cared for and
nurtured to maintain and better the
composition of the land.
The goal of DandyLand is to run an
excellent, top quality grain
production facility and maximize
our profit potential while still
maintaining a competitive return
on farmland investments.
The future of DandyLand is to grow
and maintain a progressive farm
operation with top quality
employees, landowners, and
business partners while enjoying the
process of farming in the beautiful
land of the free!
Winter at DandyLand Farms.